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February 06 2017
By Sugar Kitchen
Tags: Interview

Behind the scenes with Buttermafia

Kenn from Butter Mafia was studying law at uni when he started making desserts to satisfy his sweet tooth. Sugar Kitchen was thrilled to collaborate with him on one of our photo shoots and spent some time with him in the kitchen.


Like many uni students, he was living on a tight budget and couldn’t afford to buy sweets. When he did he found that a lot of them weren’t very good. So Kenn started baking. He would get a slab of butter from the fridge, find some sugar and chocolate in his pantry and started baking in the kitchen of his share house. He started off with cookies and scones and later added cakes to his repertoire when the “horrendous” oven in the house got replaced.


Butter Mafia first came to life when Kenn was working for a Supreme Court Judge in Victoria whilst juggling catering and restaurant orders for his sweets.  Lunch time would see Kenn popping up to the Queen Victoria Market to shop for supplies like eggs and butter. The kilos of butter he brought back to the office caught the attention of his colleagues and ended up inspiring the name which ties both parts of his world together.


Passionate about quality Kenn has built his business on producing sweets that continue to taste homemade even as the quantities and output have increased. Nuts are crushed by hand, and chocolate is hand dropped – it may take extra time but Kenn firmly believes you can taste the difference. Hours of testing to get the correct batch sizes go into each Criminal Dessert that comes out of the busy Butter Mafia Kitchen. “While we are scaling up we do it in a way that maintains the quality. We’ll do whatever it takes to make sure the quality stays” says Kenn.


CSR Raw Sugar plays a key role in all Butter Mafia products. Kenn and his team rely on its consistency – it’s the same product they are working with every single time – and the natural sweetness which he believes allows the other flavours to shine and allows him to use less.


Inspiration for the Butter Mafia range of Criminal Desserts come from everywhere, including feedback from his customers and their customers, and cues from other parts of the food industry. The names: Mafia Darling, Bad Boy Brownie, The Mistress, are playful and cheeky just like the man himself.


As sweet as his desserts, Kenn thinks life is short so we should be naughty and indulge. We couldn’t agree more.