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September 26 2016
By Sugar Kitchen
Tags: Interview

Sweet Inspiration at LuxBite

It was a particularly bad day in a generally bad week that prompted Cordon Bleu trained dessert chefs Bernard Chu and partner Yen to decide it was time to leave restaurant kitchens behind. Quitting their jobs was a brave step, but the pair thought if they were going to work ninety hour weeks it should be for themselves. The dream was to do “something luxury and something bite size” marrying their understanding of Asian flavours to their skills in French technique.

So five and a half years ago LuxBite was created.

Moving from restaurants to the world of patisserie meant a different approach in the kitchen. Creating a product that someone is going to eat within fifteen minutes is vastly different to designing something that people are going to take home so they learnt to consider stability and shelf life. All whilst looking for the important balance needed in sweets.

Balance in plated desserts often comes from temperature variations, in their patisserie items Bernard and Yen had to find other ways, turning to texture and unique flavour combinations.

They want to educate people that there is more to Asian flavour in sweets than black sesame and green tea.  They have seen the Australian palate come a long way in that regard and are glad to have been a part of it from day one.

The flavours that are showcased in the menu at Lux Bite are a way for Bernard and Yen to show people where they are from. Bernard is quick to put this in context though, “I’m not trying to change the world here with my Asian influence – I’m sharing what I like to eat. So, you know, whatever I like, I put in.”

When your inspiration comes without boundaries you end up with macarons that are not the traditional French flavours of pistachio, strawberry and hazelnut, rather they are the likes of yuzu and mango, tamari, bamboo charcoal, coconut and pandan.

The creations in the LuxBite kitchen show not only a desire to do Asian flavours proud in Australia but to recognise what Australia has given to them. The Caramel Craving, and a lemon, lime and bitters tart examples of this and of how Bernard and Yen have brought their passion to life.