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From the 'sweet as' team at Bibelot this chocolate nougat combines high quality ingredients and delicate flavours, with artisanship and attention to detail.


  • Serves 14
  • Cooks in 1 hour plus cooling


140g dried apricots
193g pecans, roasted
158g macadamias, roasted
105g cocoa mass, melted

350g honey

438g sugar
44g glucose
149g water

53g egg white

2 rice paper sheets



Spray a metal baking frame (19x19cm) with oil or vegetable spray to prevent Nougat from sticking, and lay on top of one of the rice paper sheets.

In one pot, bring the sugar glucose and water to a boil.

When this syrup reaches 115°C, begin cooking the honey in another pot to 125°C.

The honey will bubble up and rise substantially, so a large pot is needed.

When the honey begins to boil, whisk egg whites in a stand mixer. When the honey reaches 125°C, add the honey slowly whilst the egg whites are whisking.

When the sugar syrup reaches 135°, add to the egg whites in the same way as the honey was previously.

Add melted cocoa mass and cool slightly.

When the mixture is roughly 80°C, replace the whisk with a paddle attachment, and mix through chopped dried apricots, pecans and macadamias.

Pour into frames, level out the mixture, and place the second sheet of rice paper on top of the frame. Using a rolling pin, flatten out the surface of the nougat.

Allow to cool overnight before cutting with a serrated knife.

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