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  • Macaron Tip

    Let them dry

    Leave piped macarons to rest for about an hour to let the skin form and create both the perfect ‘foot’ and shell as they cook.¬†You’ll know they are adequately dried when you dab the tops with your finger and nothing sticks.

  • Brulee

    The perfect brulee

    Use a blowtorch for brulees – it’s easier to control the heat.

  • Perfect puff

    Laminating your layers

    The beautiful flaky layers in puff pastry are created by a series of turns, wherein the dough is rolled thin and folded over itself. This process stretches and stacks the butter and dough until there are 729 paper-thin layers. Keep track of the number of turns you give your puff pastry by making a small indentation in the top of the dough each time.

  • Meringue tip

    Getting the most out of meringue

    Warm egg whites whip better than cold egg whites. Much like in humans the proteins in eggs huddle up in cold temperatures.

  • Top tarts

    Enhance your pastry with flavours

    Experiment with sweet pastry by adding different flavours such as cinnamon, lemon zest, vanilla, or poppy seeds to complement your tart’s filling.